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*You will be receiving a fully functional and unlocked financial model with 10 sheets, including Cash Flow statement, P&L statement, Balance Sheet and Input sheets where you can manipulate your revenues and expenses.

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  • Quick. You are only minutes away from your Excel model. READ MORE
  • Easy. No more formulas to create. Just enter some figures in our user-friendly interface and we will build the model for you. READ MORE
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To invest or not to invest? Our models will help you make the call. Quickly and easily ask and answer all the important questions. We do the Excel modelling work for you so you can focus on what’s important – decision making.

Startups & Medium Sized Companies

You don’t have to be an Excel guru to prepare your budget and financial statements for the next 20 years. Just a few clicks and you will receive the financial model you need, tailor made to fit your company and with all the numbers in place, so no Excel work needed.

Finance Students

Taking your first steps in the world of Financial Modelling? Don’t spend the night trying to build your first models. We can do it for you within minutes. And we will teach you some tricks of the trade in the process.


Whether you are trying to create projections out of the figures your clients gave you or just verify the clients’ models, this is the quick and easy way to do it. Just enter the basic figures into our user-friendly forms and your model will be on its way. And then you can test all basic sensitivities on our beautiful Dashboard sheet.


We will not ask you to pay for a model that does more than you need

You can use our services and models for as little as $5*. The model is built up intuitively with just the elements you need. Most of our models cost less than $40.

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* Our Basic Generic model uses 2 revenue lines and 2 expense lines (among other parameters) to derive annual financial statements for a 20-year period.